What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to receive the adoring affection of your partner without dipping into the depths of your wallet?

An impossibility, a mere pipe dream, surely? Not entirely.

It may come as a surprise (it may not), but you could deliver the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one with little or no impact on your finances.

Too good to be true? Take a look at this list of cost-effective Valentine’s Day gifts and see if you can take advantage of these alternative treats – after all, your beau has probably had their fill of chocolate and flowers.


1)     A love poem or list

Pour your heart out and write your loved one a long and meaningful poem – basically informing how much you love (or like) them. This is an especially effective gift for those who aren’t renowned for showing communicating their feelings via the more conventional method (talking).

Alternatively, how about writing a list titled “Top ‘x’ Reasons Why I Love You”? Just remember, the longer the better, you don’t want to offend them with your three measly reasons that includes “because you do the washing up”.


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2)     A photo album

Create a collage of images of you and your partner and place them in a scrapbook. Try to include those that are most memorable to you as a couple like special events, occasions or celebrations. With the majority of snaps instantly digested in a digital format these days, it’s always handy to have a physical copy of photos to browse while fondly reminiscing.


3)      Cook a romantic meal for two

Is your partner always the one cooking for the two of you? Offer to give them a break and prepare a romantic meal for two. You know, with candles and everything. Maybe a few rose petals too if you fancy going a bit OTT. Most top notch restaurants are fully booked and vastly populated on Valentine’s Day anyway so having your own private meal in the comfort of your own home will offer a pleasurable alternative (just don’t burn anything).


4)      Return to a special place

Take your partner back to a place that could evoke happy memories of your previous time together. Perhaps where you met for the first time or where you enjoyed your first date? For added suspense, you could even blind fold your partner (without looking like you’re about to kidnap them) before unveiling your special destination.


5)      Massage

Offer your other half a stress relieving and tension reducing massage – at least that’s what the aim will be. Go through the full works – perhaps assisted by relaxing background music – shoulders, back, legs and feet. Just remember – be gentle. Attaining pulled muscles or bruises aren’t renowned for being particularly romantic gestures.

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6)      Household chores

Complete all the typical household chores without your spouse lifting a finger – only if that’s not normally the standard practice, of course. Otherwise it’s not really a gift is it?


7)      Sing them a song

Cheesy? Yes. But sometimes cheesy works. Pick a song – or even write one yourself if you’re feeling creative (brave) – and dedicate a moment to deliver it with panache. Can you play an instrument? Even better. This should be fairly straight forward then, right? As long you have some sort of singing voice – otherwise ignore this paragraph altogether.


8)      Home made card

Why restrict yourself to the pre-written messages inside a typical Valentine’s Day card when you can make your own? Use some coloured pieces of card or the computer to design your customised gift and insert your own personal loving note inside. Remember to put some effort into it though to make it completely unique – you’ve avoided the last minute trip to the petrol station to pick one up, after all.

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9)      Post-it notes

Spread post-it notes with heartfelt messages around your home that will catch the visual attention of your partner. For instance, the inside of a cupboard door, on the fridge, in the fruit bowl, on their pillow – you get the idea.


10)   Create a custom CD

Write a CD with a custom track list of your partner’s favourite tunes – or even a collection of romantic love songs to play throughout the day.


11)   Bake a cake

Instead of buying your loved one a selection of sweets, if you have the ingredients to hand, then why not bake your partner a Valentine’s Day-themed cake?

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So, there you have it. Eleven ways to spend as little money as possible this coming Valentine’s Day and still put a smile on your loved one’s face – what more could you want from an article?


Author Bio: Matthew Wood is a content developer with an eye for producing worthwhile, engaging and informative blog posts on a variety of topics. Matthew is contributing this guest post on behalf of CBC International – a Debt Collection and Debt Recovery specialist.