Company culture is not only important since it sets the tone for the workplace and goals, but it’s also essential to mix things up. Letting it get stagnant is a surefire way to dampen creativity in the ranks, so you want to make sure that your team is always excited and engaged by prospects. Revamping company culture doesn’t mean doing a major overall, but rather, injecting some new and innovative approaches to shaping it into the mix. This might include changing the way that meetings are held, or implement new technology to streamline certain processes. It might even involve a change in policy, or human resources shift. Whatever the alteration is, the bottom line is that it’s important to keep things interesting. Here are a few ideas about how to freshen up company culture and keep everyone on their toes.

  1. Gearing Up Anew

Feeling re-energized each new year can be a great incentive to freshen up your company culture and get things that may feel stale revitalized. Entrepreneur suggests a good way to gear up for each new year is by making a first 100 days plan to get your business into the swing of things, comprised of 100 tasks and resources to increase productivity and profit. At least a few of these goals should focus on some refinements you want to make to the way your business functions in its communication policies. While many companies have standard practices of how meetings are held or weekly status reports, mixing up the traditional and reinventing the wheel can be a good thing.

There are two ways to go about this, and both of them are important. The first is to obtain real-time, candid employee feedback. There’s no point in implementing new communication policies if no one is on board and you aren’t working with real data to determine what might work, and what won’t. The second is to study what’s already working. You’ll want to heed the classic advice “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” This is where getting into the nuances of how communication in your company happens is important.


  1. Deploying Smart Communication Tools

The second step in revamping communication techniques is to consider potential investments and their benefits. There are many video conferencing systems out there today that purport to be user-friendly and cost efficient, but what’s more important is matching the options to your needs. After assessing BlueJeans Huddle pricing, it’s more than obvious that there are a lot of competitive rates, so assessing your video capability and usage now is good timing. The best thing to do before using a group video conferencing tool is to take advantage of a trial. Although many companies jump on something that seems like a good idea for a decent price, what’s more important is making sure the features and style of communication works for your business’s culture. One of the most useful parts of group conferencing sessions is the ability to have dozens of participants to function actively, signaling using the system that they have a question or comment. This is a newly developed feature for mass video conferencing sessions that’s very popular, but you also need to apply it to your business. One of the biggest mistakes many managers make is assuming something that seems like a good idea in theory will be a good fit for their company. Reviewing feedback from staff is a good way to appropriately match up video conferencing offerings with current company needs that aren’t being fulfilled, or that can be tweaked.


  1. Understanding the Most Effective Leadership Techniques

While collaboration between colleagues is particularly important as far as efficient communication and the sharing of ideas goes, another important component is leadership. To inspire loyalty and focus in others, coming up with tactics of how to support strong leadership skills with technology is extremely useful. For example, Inc. advises that one of the most important things teams expect in leadership is clarity, or in others words, you need to say what you mean and mean what you say. This is easily achieved by using platforms like video conferencing, since you can be broadcast across many screens, making an impact in one fell swoop on all of your staff. Combining good leadership skills with a technology like group video conferencing is a perfect example of how the right tools can make your communication methods seem brand new, and much more efficient.

Businesses have their own unique cultures, regardless of whether it’s a large or small enterprise. Company culture is defined not only by leadership and client dealings, but also in the way that colleagues interact and work together. Stepping in to revamp the style of these interactions by integrating new tools can introduce a fresh take on how collaboration functions and ultimately how ideas perform when implemented in real time. Whether you choose to formalize standards of positive collaboration or embrace user-friendly video conferencing, or both, as long as you keep an open minded perspective, your company culture will remain vibrant.