While the digital landscape and the World Wide Web has become a playground for cheap and effective solutions for marketing and consumer engagement, SMS messaging solutions are still important to ensure the success of your business. Contact an expert in SMS messaging, such as SMSGlobal, for a tailored solution that is right for you and your business. Read on to discover five reasons why your business needs an SMS solution this year.


1. Mobile marketing

In the midst of the Internet’s prime, some businesses have forgotten the benefits of mobile marketing. In short, mobile marketing is opt-in, so your reach is a targeted, engaged and ‘interested group’, unlike large but untargeted emailing lists. Mobile marketing is also quick, relatively effortless and engaging, making it an important solution to include in your marketing campaign.


2. The power of immediacy

While emails frequently get deleted as soon as they arrive in your inbox, text messages have a much higher open rate because they are delivered and received immediately. Mobile phones have become an extension of the human body, and, as a result, the majority of your database will have their phone on them to receive your message immediately. There is nothing stronger than the power of immediacy when you want to get your message across, whether it be about a new campaign, a sale, a new product or a quick burst of information.


3. The benefits of mobile engagement

Mobile marketing presents many opportunities for engagement and real-time conversations that cannot be achieved via any other marketing solution. As discussed in the infographic below, the benefits of mobile marketing include the ability to have real-time conversations, personalise messages, optimise campaigns and tailor them to mobile devices and integrate different mobile platforms. Mobile engagement is a platform that will continue to grow, therefore you can be certain that your solution will have longevity.


4. Convenience for the customer

While it will depend on your particular campaign goals, an SMS solution is convenient for your customers because the message is delivered straight the phone, a device that is almost always on hand and accessible. If your message is a special coupon or limited-time offer, then it will be very convenient for your customers to use when it is stored on their phone rather than a printed copy that they will have to remember to have on them when they need it.


5. SMS Solutions are relatively easy to implement

Start with building a database of opt-in customers who want to receive your mobile messages, and work on providing coupons and discounts that engage those customers and offer them value. An SMS solution is relatively easily to implement, as it needs to be short, succinct and include a call to action. No fluff, graphic design and images are required, so it is easy to create and trial different tactics before deciding on a long-term solution.

Add an SMS-messaging solution into your business mobile, and watch as your customers become loyal and engaged consumers causing your business to flourish.