You have probably read about all these people making money online, hell, I even published a guest post last week about the topic. There are just so many people making decent incomes entirely online, whether it be from informational websites, blogs, online stores – you name it, there is someone making money online in that area.

What About Me

Yes I make money online. Not enough to quit my day job, but each month I get closer and closer to realising that goal. I don’t publish how much I make online, but if you are in need of inspiration, there are plenty of websites that do monthly income reports for you to read through.

I remember when I made my first $50 online, it was amazing, although it also took me about 3 months of work to get there (I would have made significantly more money working at McDonald’s over that time).  I was so excited! One of my websites had generated some form of money and I couldn’t have been happier.

Now you are probably thinking – $50 for 3 months work, you’re dreaming Glen. But what you need to understand is that it takes time to get the ball rolling and to understand how things work online. Once you have been in the game for a while you can really start to buckle down and make some decent money.

making money online

Why Aren’t I Making Money?

If you are struggling to make money online, perhaps you are suffering from the following:

1 – You haven’t got to know other website owners

The single biggest way to start making money online is to connect with other website owners. Not only does it make blogging/updating a website more enjoyable, but many of them have been doing this online thing for a while now and they can have some really great advice for new players.

The other thing they have, is contacts. Contacts with advertisers, other website owners, journalists and a whole heap more. Once you start to become established online, it gets easier and easier as you will make a heap of friends and other business contacts. Once more people start talking about your site, you will get more visitors and it almost becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that you become more successful.


2 – You aren’t getting enough traffic

Speaking about visitors to your website, the number 1 thing you will need if you want to make money, is visitors. For new sites it can be difficult to gain visitors, but after a while you will get traffic from search engines, social media and referral traffic from other websites. Eventually people that enjoy your content will connect directly with your site and have you in their favourites list.

Without traffic, you won’t make money. If you aren’t getting traffic, reach out to others (as per point 1) and ask if you can guest post, this can be a great way to leverage other sites existing users.


3 – You only have 1 website

Something I realised a while ago, was that having multiple websites increased the chances of me generating an income. Obviously it is more work to maintain multiple websites, but once you do start making money, you can easily hire contractors to help you. Plus, if your website ever goes down or loses traffic for some reason, then you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.


4 -You haven’t targeted your website properly

I was guilty of this when I first started. I figured I could just start writing a blog and people would naturally find it – build it and they will come. I was wrong, really wrong. If no one knows that you exist, no one is going to visit you. Make sure that when you start a website you target a specific area (preferably one you are knowledgeable in) and then start connecting with others in a similar field.

When I start this website I was talking to myself for a long time. The only person reading my ramblings was my wife. Things only started happening when I focused my site on finance topics and when I started connecting with other finance bloggers.


5 – You are too busy reading how other people make money

Stop reading about how other people are making money! Although if you haven’t started yet – try this list to get a head start. It’s great for motivation and when you first get started, but after a while there is nothing more these people will be able to teach you. Instead of reading about how other people are making it online, starting trying to do it for yourself! Nothing will happen unless you make it happen, sitting back and hoping just isn’t going to yield results.