This is it! There is one key stop on the road to getting that job – the interview process! Here are six tips that will help ease your interview jitters.


1. Qualifications

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Sometimes resumes may be a little exaggerated, but if you’re claiming to be a tech wizard or speak another language, be assured you will need to prove it. Many institutions such as Careers Australia offer both online and on campus study options so if your resume needs an added boost, there are plenty of options to suit your current lifestyle.

2. Research

This may be your dream job but what do you know about the company? Why do you want to work for them? What draws you to this position compared to other companies? These can all be questions interviewers ask to check if you’ve done your homework. Researching the company and the position you are applying for will prepare you for these tough questions and convince the interviewer you know your stuff!

3. Dress Appropriately

Formal or casual? When deciding what to wear for your interview, remember to dress for the position you’re applying for. If the job calls for a suit and tie, do not turn up in jeans. Employers want to know their future employee can meet their standards and this is often judged by first appearances. If you are unsure of what to wear, always dress up rather than dress down – employers would rather see their expectations exceeded.

4. First Impressions

First impressions are everything! You’ve already sorted out your attire so now it’s time to be yourself. Pretending to be what you think employers want will only make you more nervous and make it more difficult to stand out from the crowd. A confident smile, firm handshake, good manners and speaking clearly will make your first impression a memorable one – for all the right reasons!

5. Be Honest

Let’s face it – nobody’s perfect. Don’t worry if there’s one little fault on your otherwise spotless resume. Employers are looking for honesty so be up front – your interviewer will notice if you’re trying to hide something.

6. Let Your Personality Shine

All work and no play makes for a dull employee! Interviewers want to know how well you will fit into their team culture, not just if you can do the job. Flashing a smile at your next interview can ease the tension and demonstrate to interviewers that you have a fun and friendly side that they will want to employ. Develop an immediate rapport with your interviewer by discussing common interests – you will ease your nerves by talking about something you are confident about and interested in and confirm that you have a compatible personality!

There are times when an interview won’t go exactly as planned but don’t give up. The interview process may seem long and tedious but practice makes perfect and before you know it, you’ll be landing that dream job of yours! Feel free to share your interview nerve calming tips and tricks!