So you’ve decided to make the big move; maybe it’s for a new job, or a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, moving house can certainly push up those stress levels in no time! When it comes to packing, being faced with a house full of packing boxes and a looming race to the end can be a rather daunting process, but never fear – below are a few ideas and words of advice to help you keep the sanity levels in check:

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1. Plan

Regardless of whether you are packing part of all of your belongings, be sure to get started as soon as possible.  Prepare a rough plan and set yourself dates to pack each room, working one room at a time.  Start with those drawers and cupboards, the contents you use least.  The key is getting organised early and allowing plenty of time to complete the process.


2. Ditch those flimsy boxes

Utilising packing cartons like those used commonly by most interstate removalists is the best way to go. Grocery boxes from the supermarket are convenient, but wow…how many of those does it take to fill a truck? And if you’re a hoarder, forget about it! Do yourself a favour and spend a little extra on purpose-fit boxes that will better protect those fragile items during a removal. Especially if you’re moving overseas, these flimsy boxes that once contained truss tomatoes could be in danger of being confiscated or worse – destroyed by Quarantine or Customs when they land in your new town! How much would THAT cost you?


3. Packing effectively

A little strategy that needs to go into packing your cartons. Always place your most breakable items on the top of your filled cartons to prevent weight being placed on them. Scrunch up plenty of paper at both top and bottom of every carton to fill any gaps and stuff them in so everything’s nice and snug. The less room there is for your things to move, the better. Besides, you can’t always count on the guys who are packing your track to love your possessions as much as you do. And hey – if you hate this part of the process, bribe a friend or partner! What’s a massage worth to them?


4. Minimise weight

Make sure your boxes are not too heavy; this will make life easier for you come unpacking time too. This can be done by either making sure the cartons used are not too large, and also balance the number of heavy and light items that go in each carton. Books are always heavy to move around, use small book cartons for these and keep them to a minimal weight. Finally, ensure that your cartons are sealed tightly using an appropriate adhesive tape – sometimes tape and packing paper are available from your removalist a small charge, so it doesn’t hurt to ask them.


5. Label every box & nominate the room for placement in your new home

During the packing process make sure each box is labelled with a permanent marker. Write clearly on each box your surname, the contents of the box; for example ‘The Kitchen’ or ‘My Bedroom’, and what’s generally inside; for example ‘Linen’. Again, this will make things far easier for you to sort through at your new place. If something is particularly fragile don’t forget to label the box as fragile.


While professional removalists will take the up-most care transporting all your cartons to your new house it is important to keep in mind that goods packed by you – the owner, are often unable to be insured, so check with your removalist prior to moving day or simply invest in the services of professional packers for these fragile items for added peace-of-mind.


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