Hi there, my name is Glen.

Me and Ricky

My Story

I am just a regular guy. I work a normal job for a decent wage. and I still have a mortgage (although I am trying my best to be rid of it).

About 7 years ago I entered into the property market, soon after I discovered that paying off debt was consuming so much of my weekly pay, that I was unable to live the lifestyle that I wanted to. It soon became obvious that I really hadn’t properly thought about the consequences that a mortgage would have on my lifestyle.

From that moment on I was determined to pay off my debt as soon as possible.

Thus far I have managed to reduce my mortgage down from about $350,000 to less than $150,000 in under 5 years (with an average interest rate of above 6%). I attribute this debt pay off to diligent budgeting, rigid saving, tracking my spending and a whole lot of tolerance on the part of my lovely wife. We are essentially debt free now 🙂


Why blog about it?

I see the benefits that saving money and paying off debt has had on my life, and I want to try and help others learn what I have learned. I also want to become more financially independent and I feel that running this blog is an ideal way to keep my self motivated as well as share my experiences with others.


What you will find on Monster Piggy Bank

It is my intention to post relevant information to help people save money and reduce their debt. I will endeavour to post at least weekly (more if I can find the time) and I will try to use examples which I personally have had experience with, or ones which have had a positive effect on me.
I also like to share other great financial hints and tips which I find or have sent to me via my twitter feed. Please consider following me, my handle is (MPiggyBank)


Who is this website for?

I made this site for anyone who is interested in Personal Finances, Saving Money or Debt Reduction.  I would love it if you joined me on my journey of financial independence – I welcome comments on my blog, my Facebook page and on my twitter account, so please feel free to stop in and let me know how you are going on your savings journey.