Ever since my wife and I had our son at the beginning of the year, a couple of things have become really apparent to the both of us when it comes to transporting our baby in the car.

  1. It takes an inordinate amount of time to pack the car to go anywhere with the huge amount of baby items that we have to take with us.
  2. Sitting in the front passenger seat can be very cramped with a baby seat behind you if you are over 6 foot tall.
  3. Transporting a baby and a dog in the back seat together can be trying, especially when all they want to do is lick each other.
  4. If we ever have another child, poor Ricky (our dog) will probably always have to stay home as there will not be enough room for 2 kids and the dog in the back.
  5. Many people on the roads are overly aggressive, and still decide to tail gate you even when you are obviously transporting a baby and have baby items all over your car.

So you are probably wondering what this has to do with the advantages of owning an SUV?SUV

Well as it turns out, I believe that buying an SUV would likely mitigate many of the existing problems that we have when traveling in our current car. You see of the 5 problems that I have identified above, owning an SUV instead of a traditional car would either fix or reduce almost all the current issues that we are facing, and here is my reasoning.

  1. The amount of time to pack the car would likely still be higher than without kids, but with the extra room I would no longer have to play real life tetris with all the baby gear in the boot of the car.
  2. The room in the front wouldn’t be an issue as the baby seat could be further back.
  3. Many SUV’s have 3 rows of seats, which means that the dog and the baby could be separated from one another.
  4. More kids wouldn’t be a problem due to the extra seating capacity and additional rows of seats.
  5. Sitting higher on the road would mean that people could tailgate me all day long and I wouldn’t care as much as if they ran into me they would likely come off second best.

So as you can see, owning an SUV would be able to resolve many of our issues. The dilemma that I face is that I have always been against buying an SUV as they are normally more expensive than buying a car and they cost more to run when it comes to fuel expenses. I also have issues with people who buy big 4 wheel drives and never take them off road, however these days that seems to be the norm and many SUVs are luxury models that just aren’t meant to go off road.

So if I was going to go with any type of SUV, it would be one of the crossover SUVs that are meant to go both on and off road. That way when my son is old enough I could take him to some great remote fishing locations off the beaten track.



So what do you think? Should we look into buying an SUV to resolve some of our issues or is it not worth the extra expenses?