I love reading about success stories, particularly when the person doing well for them self is what I would consider “unexpected”. What i’m talking about specifically, is an article I read the other day about a girl who is 12 who has started her own business (you can read about her here) where she is selling hoverboards and making about $3,000 a day.

I’ll bet any money that they didn’t teach her anything about this at school, and that her parents have encouraged her to explore this market opportunity. I love pretty much everything about this story and I wish that I had the type of creative upbringing that would have set me on a path like this.

These are exactly the types of case studies that I personally think should be introduced into schools. Kids need to understand that they don’t have to work for someone else and that they can run their own businesses. Unfortunately this type of thing is so far away from any school curriculum that I feel it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Back to this girl though, essentially what she is doing is buying these boards from a supplier in China (I found the supplier on Alibaba) where she is buying them for about $100 each, and she is selling them for between $499 and $799 on her website.

This is almost the exact same thing as my wife and I are doing with both our eCommerce websites and our Amazon FBA business. It’s something that has a very small barrier to entry and very little skill, so I can’t understand why more people aren’t at least giving it a go and starting down their own path to financial freedom.