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Today i’m talking about testing my products and why testing is so important. In part 6 of this series I spoke about ensuring that you get samples from your manufactures before committing to purchasing large quantities. One of the main benefits that the samples give you is to be able to check the quality of the product, but it also allows you to compare different products against one another in person, rather than online.

Being able to see a product in the flesh will give you the best idea of whether or not the product is good enough to sell to others. When making this decision, I think it is important to involve others. Sure you might be happy with your product, but you will also likely see the product through rose colored glasses – as you want it to be a hit with potential buyers.

This is why I think it’s important to take your samples and do a small road show with them. Ask your friends and family which ones they like the best and why. Remember – you aren’t selling to yourself, so getting as much feedback as possible is going to be invaluable when it comes to making the right product selection.

I did a split test with my product. I had 3 samples and asked friends and family which ones they liked the best. The results were actually quite interesting, with the one I liked the best also scoring the highest, but another sample coming very close behind. The 3rd sample (which in the pictures looked great) didn’t go so well with my potential customer base.

What did I learn? Well, based on the results – I might go with 2 products in the same niche and try to dominate the market place. Both are different enough to appeal to different buyers and both are similar in price. The main thing it told me though, was that getting confirmation is critical. People see different things when they look at a product, so if you can try to fix any of the problems people have with your product, you can be sure you have fixed a future potential customers issue as well.