So far in this series I have spoken about the Why and the What and so now is the How/Plan so let’s look at exactly what I will need to do to get this thing off the ground and running.

This post will be dedicated to being a checklist of things that I need to understand and arrange to allow this business venture to get legs. I’m going to miss things, but as I find things I have missed, I will revisit this post and update it so that anyone in the future who comes along and sees this will not have to suffer the same setbacks that I know I will likely end up suffering.


Challenges Checklist

  1. Find a product / products
  2. Find a wholesaler
  3. Negotiate price and Quantities
  4. Get sample products
  5. Select a wholesaler based on samples
  6. Private Labeling (yes or no)?
  7. Order Product
  8. Arrange shipping
  9. Customs
  10. Good inspection
  11. Amazon Labeling including UPC codes
  12. Bundling / Packing
  13. Send to Amazon warehouse
  14. List products for sale
  15. Arrange for product reviews
  16. Market, market, market
  17. Make sales
  18. Decide if this product is worth continuing – if yes, buy more, if no, move onto a different product.
  19. Expand into other markets/websites

As I mentioned before, I am sure that I will have missed something, or at the very least, over simplified it. But you know what? I’m going to give this a real go and a big part of that is learning about the process. I’m hardly setting new ground here, many people do this every day.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that I have already listened to a heap of podcasts and read lots of blog posts about selling on Amazon, so hopefully I already know a few things to avoid. I’ve also recently reached out to a couple of successful Amazon sellers to see if they have anything they can teach me, so far I’ve gotten back a tonne of info, but there is nothing quite like doing something yourself.