I have had a lot of conversations lately around the value of money and how your life situation tends to influence how you view money. As an example, my boss was speaking about his girlfriends children who tend to be gifted a lot of things simply because their grandparents are reasonably wealthy. He feels that they will not be able to appreciate the true value of money (and I agree) because they live within this distorted bubble world, where all their wants and needs are paid for by someone else.

Giveaway Money

I have seen this type of thing first hand growing up. At least one person that I am fairly well acquainted with, had always had everything they ever wanted handed to them. This ultimately ended up starving them of any type of responsibility, and as a consequence, they struggled to maintain employment and to see how things are done in the real world. Interestingly, in recent years it appears as if the purse strings have been cut for this friend, and now the issue that I see popping up is that they don’t understand anything about savings or why they shouldn’t get into loads of debt.

Anyway, last week another person at work was in a really foul mood. I asked him what was bothering him, and he said that his wife neglected to make arrangements to take advantage of a really great deal involving airfares over to New Zealand (you know, that little country across the pond). He has a large family and they are planning to go over their to celebrate a wedding with some relatives. There was a special cashback online deal for something like 50% off for the airfares, but only if you booked within a 3 day period. Long story short, she didn’t book it and they missed out on the deal. He claimed that she didn’t value money because she hadn’t worked for the last 10 years and that if she would have had to  earn the money herself then she would have ensured that she jumped on the special deal.

As he was fairly enraged I didn’t want to push any further, but my personal viewpoint is that if it was a big enough saving, and you had concerns that your partner wasn’t going to do it in time, then I would have done it myself. Booking flights really doesn’t take all that long over the net. I guess that is probably another conversation for another day.



What are your views when it comes to the value of money?