This will be a short post targeted to my Australian readers who are forced (by law – yeah we live in a democracy where you are free to pay a fine if we decide we don’t want to vote…) to go to the polls this weekend and vote in what has to be the worst election since I first voted.

The average aussie will assume this election is between the Liberal National Party (These guys smell worse than rotting fish that has been baking in the sun under the back seat of your car) and the Australian Labour Party (This is the party who voted out their unpopular leader (Krudd) in favour of this new person (Juliar) only to later decide that Juliar was infact even more unpopular than Krudd and so they sacked Juliar and put Krudd back in… This actually happened, it isn’t from an episode of days of our lives or the bold and the beautiful)

Unfortunately neither major party is a good choice for Australia. For me the 2013 election will be remembered as the “baddies vs baddies” (thanks Tony 😉 ) election, where the bogans of Australia (If you are from America, think Rednecks) decided to vote blindly at the polling booths for two equally out of touch parties. Many of these bogans won’t have a clue about what each party actually stands for, or what their policies are… They are instead completely captivated by the sideshow that is the leadership popularity contest that never seems to end.

I made this graphic displaying what I think about this election, and I am dedicating to the public domain. So if you want to print it out or share it with your friends, please feel free to do so. I believe that it is time Australia had a real movement away from these two major parties and demanded change (UKIP, TEA, PP) that is in the interests of ordinary Australians, not the politicians, not the big businesses and not the halfwit unions.


2013 Australian Election

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but please do read what some of these smaller parties stand for before throwing your vote at one of the majors. They could do a lot of good, particularly in the senate.


A few videos so you can remember who you are voting for.
Krudd lets loose

Tony stunned mullet