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If you think blogging is dead or that there isn’t any money to be made using the Internet, let me tell you something : You are missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

How big of an opportunity? Let’s just say that in the short 3 years that I’ve been working online part-time, I’ve been able to pull in a gross +$30,000 USD in income from my efforts. What other kind of part-time investment is going to do that for you.

The truth is that not a lot of people fully understand how online advertising works, and thus that’s why I feel as though blogging remains one of the greatest ways to make money today. Though it takes a little while to get the ball rolling, once it does it will pay dividends far beyond any other one of the other efforts you could be using.


Bloggers Finding Success:

When I first started down the path of finding financial freedom, I wasn’t really sure where it would take me.

I looked in all the usual places: Saving, investing, maxing out my retirement funds, etc. Although all of them were good strategies and useful, none of them really seemed to produce the kinds of returns I was looking for.

Unfortunately receiving 2% interest from a CD or gambling on growth stocks didn’t really inspire the confidence I was looking for.

Then I found something I didn’t expect to find – the book Problogger by Darren Rowse. In it, Darren shows how he went from blogging for fun to making well over $100,000 per year.

Even though I wrote it off as an anomaly at first, my instincts told me to hit the Internet and seek out more validation. And sure enough it was out there.

All across the Internet were dozens of personal finance bloggers proudly displaying their income reports for the month showing how many thousands of dollars they had earned each and every month. Though their incomes were quite a bit less than the $100K that Darren was promoting, it was still more than enough to blow my mind and show me that there was a golden opportunity to make money out there. If you don’t think so, then check out how much Pat Flynn makes from his online efforts.


How You Can Make Money Today Starting Now:

Three years into blogging it still remains one of my favorite money making hobbies because I only have to work at it part-time at nights and on the weekends. Even though I do try to treat it like a business, I still have a lot of fun with it and try to challenge myself to get creative with different ways I can draw revenue from them.

The main ways I like to make an income from my collection of websites:

Google Adsense.

Believe it or not, Adsense can pay out a pretty decent commission if you can get a decent amount of traffic to your website and choose the right topics. For example if you write a post about insurance and someone clicks on an ad on your page regarding insurance, you’ll see a much, much higher payout than if you were to have written about some other random topic.

The other thing I really like about Adsense is that it pays you no matter what action happens after the person clicks on the ad. Usually with most other types of ads, the advertiser will only pay after a sale or lead occurs.

Amazon Affiliates.

Amazon is an income source that I’m just now starting to really go after. Though I haven’t made a ton of money with it yet, I do see a tremendous amount of potential there to really rake in some great payouts. The trick there is to choose to promote products that are really high in cost. Amazon starts off only paying out 4% for each qualified purchase. So if you choose to promote something that only costs $10, then you’ll get 40 cents. If you’re clever and can promote products that cost $1,000, then you’d be looking at a commission of $40 per sale. Which would you rather have?

Affiliate Advertising.

Through the years I’ve had mixed results with affiliate advertising. And in the places where I wasn’t quite as successful I’ll gladly take the blame. The great thing about affiliate advertising is that the payouts are generally higher and the potential is limitless. So if you consider yourself to be a very ambitious person who could really promote a solid, high-quality product, then you’ve probably got a lot of possible revenue to be made.

Direct Advertising.

Every single day people still write me and ask if they can place a banner on my site or if I’ll write a post that will promote their product. Though sometimes the requests can be sketchy, there will be some decent ones that you can do business with and make a pretty handsome return. Plus you get paid up-front which is a huge positive when you need to make money today rather than waiting for months for it to follow-through.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own blog or would like to know more about making money from websites, then please check out my comprehensive post on how to start blogging. There you’ll find over +7,500 words of advice on everything from getting started all the way down to all the technical SEO stuff.


DW is the owner and creator of the website Great Passive Income Ideas, a website devoted to seeking out the best ways to make money on the side. He loves his family, writing, and promoting ideas for financial independence.

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