If you think back to the stereotypical view of the stock exchange in the late-1980’s, you will instantly picture a mosh-pit of traders angrily waving their cellphones while completing deals. The same principles could be applied to old-school currency trading, where endless complexities and the seemingly elusive nature of the discipline created substantial barriers to entry.


The landscape for financial traders (and particularly those associated with currency investment) has changed beyond all recognition in the last 20 years, however, thanks largely to the online and mobile revolution. This has gradually broken down the traditional barrier to entry surrounding the forex market, empowering an entire generation of successful, part-time investors.


How has Mobility empowered Forex Traders?

Above else, it is the concept of mobility and mobile trading that has truly revolutionised the forex market. This has changed the entire profile of the modern trader, as investors can now access the market on a part-time basis, in real-time and regardless of their physical location. Access to a viable broker, or middle-man, is no longer required, and this has helped to bridge the gap between aspiring traders and established professionals. It has also augmented the proliferation of knowledge concerning the forex market and the lowering of minimum financial thresholds for trading.

So while brokerage resources do exist, they are no longer represented by individuals or large corporations. Instead, they take the form of online outlets such as AxiTrader, while they have also evolved to become a one-stop shop for traders who are keen to learn, diversify their portfolios and access an entire suite of analytical tools. This means that they can assist traders at every stage of the process, from learning about the market and performing real-time analysis and executing live orders.


Coping with the Volatile nature of the Forex Market

Above all else, mobility has equipped forex traders to cope in the most volatile and changeable of financial markets. No longer must they wait for brokers to initiate an order, as they can use their smartphone to instantly access the marketplace and complete their trades in real-time. This is a crucial consideration for forex traders, as prices can shift dramatically over the course of a 24-hour period and turn even sensible investments bad.


Remember, they say that timing is everything and this is truer in the forex market than anywhere else. This is why mobility has empowered a whole generation of traders and helped to improve the efficiency of individual trades.