If you regularly follow my blog you will be aware that my wife and I are about to try and sell our house. We have also recently been through the process of buying land, and are now embarking on the next phase, which is building the house.

Last time we built a house it was 7 years ago, and this blog didn’t exist, so I wasn’t able to document the journey in painstaking detail when I did my last building a house series of posts. So this time around I want to make sure that everything is covered in detail (hopefully not so much detail as to bore you though). Let’s get into it.


This is our land about 4 months ago – it’s now very green with grass.


Deciding on the Design & Builder

My wife and I decided pretty early on that we were going to build a double story house. I know this isn’t for everyone, and it is more expensive than a single story, but we thought it would be the best fit for us as a family. The next step was to actually go out and find a house design that we both liked, was practical and wasn’t going to blow our budget.

The end result was that we ended up visiting multiple display villages over about a month worth of weekends. We found plenty of great designs, but we were constrained with the block of land we had purchased, which ended up cutting down the available designs for us.

After a lot of searching, we finally landed on a particular design that we were both happy with and that we thought would make the best use of the land we already had.


Making Design Alterations

Despite the house design being almost exactly what we were after, we managed to find a builder that was willing to work with us to modify the house plans (within reason) to suit exactly what we wanted. Essentially this meant that we did a few back and forward revisions with the builder and eventually came to a landing on the final product and how the house was to be set out.


Signing the Contract

We signed the contract for the house back in July as their was a special deal where we were able to get air conditioning for the entire house at 75% off. The risk was that we needed to have the entire thing approved and be ready to start building in December. We thought we had heaps of time, that was until settlement on our block of land got delayed for close to 2 and a bit months and didn’t actually happen until last week. We now only have a month to get our plans approved by council and then line the bank up to facilitate funds for our new house, or we risk losing this air conditioning deal. I”ll let you know how it pans out.


The next post will be all about the colour and accessory selection process we completed about 2 weeks ago.