When my wife and I moved into our current house we didn’t have a lot of the common household items you need to live day to day. Seeing as we had just committed to paying our mortgage and had just gotten married, we didn’t have much money to go throwing around on random household appliances. Nevertheless we still needed them, and so we ended up buying a number of things on the cheap to get us going without having to spend a fortune.


The main items that we required was an electric kettle, an iron and a lawn mower. With all three I got the cheapest I could find and thought to myself that when they die I will replace them with better quality ones when money isn’t as tight. The lawn mower was (yes I mean was – it is dead now) an electric lawn mower which meant that I needed to have it plugging into the mains power for it to work. It was very inconvenient and a little dangerous as sometimes if you weren’t paying attention you could get fairly close to the long lead that was lying on the ground. Anyway it lasted about 3 years before it finally stopped working and we the best purchase of the lot.

The electric kettle lasted about 5 seconds before it stopped and just wouldn’t heat water any more… The iron was the worst. My parents had come over to help us with installing our curtains and blinds throughout the house and mum wanted to iron the curtains before hanging them so they weren’t all creased. As she was ironing the power kept going out – not just on the iron, but for the entire house! Each time it happened we would go outside and look at the fuse box on the side of the house and see that the safety switch had tripped. This happened about 3 times before we finally worked out that it was the iron that was the cause. I assume water was leaking somewhere internally and was leaking into the electronics.

Needless to say, I have not had the best experience with buying the cheapest things I can find, and I feel that sometimes it is better to spend a little bit more money to get something that has a bit more quality to it.

Have you had a similar experience to me or was I just terribly unlucky?