My wife and I went to see one of my son’s favourite entertainers last week. I took the day off work just for the event as I knew he was going to have a really good time of it and I really wanted to be a part of the fun and excitement. Anyway, we got to the venue and parked the car in the underground car park and then started to get ourselves ready and put a jumper and shoes on my son.


While we were going about our business and struggling with getting my sons feet into his shoes (he hates wearing shoes) I noticed a large 4 wheel drive entering a very small car parking space. I remember turning to my wife and saying – this is going to be interesting, I think her cars too big and she’s stuffed the angle for this parking attempt. Anyway, I sat there interested in how she was going to get this gigantic beast of a car into this tiny spot.

Then she just stopped and beeped her car horn – it turns out that the woman on the left side of her that was already parked and existing the car was known to her and they decided to have a chat – obviously they were known to each other and so the second woman gets out of her car with her kids and waits patiently for the 1st woman to park her giant car. So anyway, the 1st woman continues to slowly progress forward until CRUNCH, she hit the car on the right. I then turned to my wife again as was like – This just got interesting, let’s see if what happens next.

She reversed her car out of the space and then proceeds to park about 4 parks down in a far more suitable spot. Then she walks up to her friend (The friend not only saw her hit the other car, but she heard it too) and just carried on her way as if nothing had happened. I was so disappointed, she barely even looked over at the car she hit and just passed it off as if nothing had happened.

At this point I was furious at this random woman and so my wife and I waited for her to leave and then decided to go and check out the damage and leave the other driver a note. Although when we got to the car that got hit, surprisingly there was no damage to be found – like there was just nothing. So we didn’t end up leaving a note, but I still think the woman that hit the car should have gone and taken a look rather than acting like she did nothing wrong.

I had a friend who once did something similar when we were at university. He ended up hitting a limo while I was in the passenger seat, but then denied it ever happened. Even when we walked past the limo and could clearly see the damage he had caused he denied it was him and that he thought it was pre-existing damage. In his case he got caught out as it was all on security camera and he ended up getting a letter in the mail from the limo company who demanded payment from him.

My point of view is that if you damage someone else’s property and they are not around, you should own up and pay the bill. However it seems that not everyone is wired the same way – so I want to know what you would do and if you have ever witness something similar.