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WTF Toys for Kids

With only about 10 weeks to go until Christmas, I have been noticing a lot more Christmas paraphernalia turning up in the shops and also on the TV. One of the advertisements that seems to always be on the TV is the Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise. I have found it on YouTube and you can see

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Red Bull Might Not Give You Wiiings, But They Will Give You $10

You know the Red Bull slogan – Red Bull gives you wiiings. Well as it turns out, some customers decided that that slogan was a little bit misleading and that no matter how much Red Bull you consumed, you are highly unlikely to ever sprout wings. The end result was that they filed a lawsuit

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Baby Shower Etiquette

I’ll start off by saying that I have never been to a baby shower so I can’t be 100% sure what the standard etiquette is, but I am fairly sure that this isn’t on. There was an article posted the other day on Mommyish that was talking about a rather rude baby shower poem. Apparently

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