Apparently Christmas shopping starts in September now, at least that is what all the shops around here are insinuating. Ever since the start of September I have been seeing more and more shops hanging up the Christmas decorations and setting up Christmas trees. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems WAY too early for this, I mean Christmas is still months away (like 15 or 16 weeks).

Last year I wrote a post that got a lot of attention called Has Christmas Become too Commercial?. That post asks the question of whether or not Christmas has lost its true meaning and if it is now more about making profit through sales than it is about spending time with your family and appreciating the religious significance of the day.

To me, the fact that shops are starting to rollout the Christmas caper so early is a sure sign that times are tough and that they need a bumper Christmas season this year. It really seems desperate / tacky to me to be doing this so early in the year and I wonder how many years it will be before Christmas starts moving into late August…

So it got me thinking – how early in the year do you start to do your Christmas shopping? Does seeing all the Christmas decorations around the stores kick you into the Christmas shopping mode or are you like me and do you avoid the stores that are overly exuberant when it comes to getting the Christmas gear out early?

I am also wondering how many people actually do their Christmas shopping in physical stores anymore and how many people do the bulk of their shopping online and get it delivered straight to your doorstep? I know that my wife and I tend to try and do as much of our shopping online as we can as we both hate crowds and we enjoy some of the bargains that we find when shopping online for gifts.