We all know smoking cigarettes is bad for you, but asides from the health concerns, cigarettes cost a fortune and can become a massive drain on your finances as well. I recently came across this smoking calculator which lays out exactly how much money you could be saving if you were to quit smoking cigarettes.


Cigarette Cost Calculator

I decided to use the cigarette cost calculator to get an idea of the amount of money the average Australian smoker might be spending on cigarettes. See the image below to see what I discovered:

Smoking Calculator

$5,475 a year could be being saved by your average pack a day smoker. If they were 30 years old then the estimated life savings were $279,255 – that’s astounding. Surely these types of numbers are enough to get people to stop smoking regardless of the health concerns. I mean who has an extra $270K to burn?

Using the Money Saved

Looking at the amount of money that smokers could be saving got me thinking about all the things you could do with $270K.

  1. Go to pretty much any holiday destination that you want and stay in 5 star comfort
  2. Pay off almost an entire house
  3. Buy a boat
  4. Get a holiday unit/condo
  5. Buy a luxury car
  6. Have a really big night at the casino….

It really is crazy to think that people are wasting that much money on something so terrible for you.



These days there are heaps of different ways to help people quit smoking. One of the more interesting approaches that I have seen is from  eCigarette Direct. They offer smokers an electronic cigarette that looks like a cigarette and even lights up at the end, but you don’t inhale any smoke. Instead, it is a vapor containing nicotine that you are inhaling. Obviously nicotine is still bad for you, but at least you aren’t breathing in the smoke, which is one step in the right direction.



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