It’s time once again for another monthly goal update. It’s hard to believe that it’s 2013 already! Let’s hope this year is better than 2012.

December Goals


Each month I set myself goals to help make sure my life is heading in the direction I want it to be heading.

Reviewing December


  • Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – PASS
  • Get to 210 Twitter followers – PASS
  • Get to 1,200 Facebook followers – FAIL
  • Comment on other blogs at least twice per day – PASS
  • Be an active member on a blog I don’t currently visit regularly – PASS | Throughout December I included Debt Roundup to my list of websites that I visit and comment on.
  • Find a way to start monetizing my site – PASS |I have put ad sense ads on posts older than 7 days.


  • Continue to track every bit of mine and my wife’s spending – PASS
  • Complete another 10 levels in my mobile application – PASS


  • Finalise topics for everyone involved in the e-book – PASS
  • Start and finish Christmas shopping for Mum and Dad – PASS
  • Start studying for my MCSE upgrade certification – PASS | I really need to do a lot more of this in January
  • Learn how to use my new camera like a pro before the baby arrives – PASS | I’m hardly going to make a living with photography, but I have come a long way and know most of the camera settings.

Blog Stuff

In case anyone is interested in the numbers pertaining to my blog.

Alexa ranking

October ranking – 4,385,750
November ranking – 671,544

Start of December ranking – 671,544
End of December ranking – 117,872




Thank you to everyone that has followed me on twitter in this past month, you are all amazing!

October followers – 30
November followers – 138

Start of December followers – 177
End of December followers – 440

Growth – 263 followers




October Likes – 0
November Likes – 1165

Start of December – 1131
End of December Likes – 1112

Reduction of 19 Likes




Thank you to those of you who have signed up for my email notifications.

October – 5
November -423

Start of December subscribers – 476
End of December subscribers – 521

Growth – 45 subscribers

I thought my number of subscribers would have stagnated or dropped with the addition of my RSS feed, but it seems you all still want emails from me. Yay!


Site Statistics

Unique Visitors

This result was expected due to the giveaway in October. I had a huge influx of traffic that month, so I expect December to be closer to the 4,000-4,500 mark.

September Unique visitors – 402
October Unique visitors – 3,051
November Unique visitors – 3,178
December Unique visitors – 4,871

Growth – 1,693


Page Views

September Page Views – 2,416
October Page Views – 13,379
November Page Views – 14,929
December Page Views – 20,795

Growth – 5,866



The number of searches that I received went berserk this month compared to previous months.

September Searches – 17
October Searches – 32
November Searches – 167 (151 from Google)
December Searches – 966 (876 from Google)

Growth – 799

So December was a huge month for searches for the site. The growth was unprecedented and I’m over the moon with how much Google love I am receiving.

My most popular page this month in terms of garnering search traffic was Has Christmas Become too Commercial?. It ranked number 1 in google for the better part of a week leading up to Christmas and gained almost half of my search results. Unfortunately my bounce rate was quite high and I have fallen way down the ranking with that page. I suspect January will have a much smaller amount of search traffic than December.



For the month of December we spent $1,989 (excluding our mortgage repayments) which was $693 better than we did for November. Considering we went through Christmas in December this is a really great effort.



Variable Loan

October debt reduction – $872
November debt reduction – $1,361

Principal at Debt at the start of December -$31,546
Principal at Debt at the end of December -$31,157

December debt reduction – $389

Fixed Loan

October debt reduction – $7,419
November debt reduction – $8,308

Principal at Start of December – $81,842
Principal at End of December – $79,300

December debt reduction – $2542


You can keep track of my mortgage payment progress here – My Debt Progress (The graph is starting to really look good on the second loan, hover over the lines to see the dollar figures)



Baby Boy

Nothing much new to report here. My wife is getting bigger and his last day inside is scheduled for the 16th of January. My piece and quite will be shattered soon.


Mobile Application

I did great on the mobile application this month and I managed to complete 15 levels, which was 5 more than I had planned. Hopefully this app can be ready by the end of February.


January Goals


  • Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Get to 500 Twitter followers
  • Get to 1,300 Facebook followers
  • Comment on other blogs at least twice per day
  • Be an active member on a blog I don’t currently visit regularly
  • Guest post on at least 1 site


  • Continue to track every bit of mine and my wife’s spending
  • Complete 15 levels in my mobile application


  • Study for my MCSE upgrade certification at least 1 module a day. (This is a massive task, but hopefully I can get it done)
  • Survive being a first time dad…
  • Cleanup my desk and the wardrobe
  • Get a spoon display case for my nan.


2013 Goals

As this is the first goal post of 2013, I want to jot down some broad long term goals for the year.

  1. Publish the joint eBook
  2. Publish my mobile application on both the Apple Store and Google Play
  3. Start a savings account for our son
  4. Spend more time play games and enjoying life
  5. Donate more to charity (particularly cancer charities)
  6. Grow Monster Piggy Bank into an incredible resource for people looking for help with their finances
  7. Grow all of my other websites
  8. Get our total debt down to under $90,000
  9. Earn at least $5,000 in side income


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Thanks Glen