Do you know your Neighbors? No? Well perhaps it is time for you to go and meet them, who knows what you are missing out on. Knowing your neighbors has plenty of benefits and in this post I will detail a few of them as well as a couple of ways you can introduce yourself. Who knows, they might turn out to be great people with plenty of similar interests who you end up becoming friends with.

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Growing up at my parents house we used to know all the neighbors. It meant that as a kid my brothers and I had a heap of fun playing backyard sports and doing various other activities with all of the other neighborhood children. The environment that I grew up in, where all the neighbors knew each other seemed like something everyone did, it was what I perceived as being “normal”.

After buying my own home, I soon realized that I too would need to meet my new neighbors, but because I was building a house we had no neighbors to meet.

One afternoon I was taking a look at the construction work going on at our property, and I spotted a woman walking through the house that was also being built next door. She seemed to be doing the same thing I was doing and so I assumed she must be the owner. As our houses had no walls at this point in time it was easy to see one another and so I called out to her and asked if it was her house that she was building.

It turns out that she was the owner and we ended up becoming pretty good neighbors and friends. When we got to the stage of doing the fencing for our property we also got the opportunity to meet our other neighbors as I wanted to halves in the cost of the fence with them. We didn’t become friends with the other neighbors, but we knew their names and engaged in light conversation with them from time to time.

Over the last few months many of our neighbors had changed and so we found ourselves not really knowing many people in our neighborhood again. To combat this we decided to go around and invite each neighbor over for a barbeque and a few drinks as a sort of get to know your neighbors day. Seeing as we knew the most people in the street and had been there the longest we figured it would be a good idea to regrow our neighborhood group.

In total we had 5 neighbors/families over and everyone seemed to have a good time with our lunch time party continuing past dinner and into the night. The total cost to me was about $150, but knowing my neighbors may end up saving me far more than that one day, so I look at is almost as an investment decision.


10 Benefits of Knowing Your Neighbors

There are plenty of reasons why you should know your neighbors and here are just a few that I can think of:

  1. They can lookout for your property against burglars
  2. They can collect your mail if you are going to be away on holidays
  3. If you have pets and need to go away, some neighbors will offer to look after them for you
  4. They can help you move heavy objects
  5. They might have tools that you can borrow
  6. They can provide transportation or help you out in an emergency situation
  7. Many neighbors like looking after babies and can be great free baby sitters
  8. If you are running low on milk and the shops are shut you might be able to borrow some
  9. Friday & Saturday nights can be a lot more fun having neighbors around to have drinks with
  10. If you and your neighbors have school aged kids then the kids will probably get along and not be as likely to sit inside at home on afternoons and weekends


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