I was helping my parents move furniture in preparation for some new carpet they are having installed today and I noticed mum had bagged up all of our old VHS media into old shopping bags ready for the trash. I considered saving some of the classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and bringing them home with me, but I realised that we don’t have a VHS player, and even if we did I probably would never use it. All that rewinding and fast forwarding was such a pain in the butt, it is no wonder that DVD’s took off the way they did.


I’m left wondering though – will DVD’s go the same way as the humble CD? When I was younger, recording songs off the radio and onto your cassette tape was what all the cool kids were doing. You would wait in a cat like state of readiness for the song you wanted to come onto the radio, and then scramble to hit the record button as soon as you knew it was the song that you wanted. At the time I thought I was a king among men with my mix tapes, little did I know that just like the cassette had killed vinyl, the CD was going to kill my mix tape.

CD’s were great, I no longer had to fast forward or rewind to get to the song I wanted – It was like magic! I still remember when we got our first CD burner, we would sit there anxiously waiting for about 30 minutes on our 1 or 2 speed burner to write all our data to the CD. Although quite often we would have to redo the CD because something when awry with the copying process and it just wouldn’t run.

Then came the internet, Napster and MP3 files, which essentially sounded the death knell for CD’s. Nowadays if I want to listen to a song I just download it and store it on my computer. The last time I bought a CD would have been close to 10 years ago and all the music shops that were on every street corner are now gone or struggling in some back alley somewhere.

Anyway, I now find myself wondering if DVD’s are going the same way as CD’s? I mean I still purchase DVD’s and soon it will be Bluray discs, but is the days of buying physical media pretty much at an end? It is just so easy to grab a TV show or movie off the net at the exact same quality as what you get on the physical media, and for the most part it is considerably cheaper to do so. I don’t even have to worry about hard disk space any more as much of the content is readily available for streaming, meaning that I can watch whatever I want immediately without having to wait for the download to finish.

What are your thoughts? Will you continue to buy physical media, or have you moved onto streaming/downloading everything you want to watch/listen to?