Lately I have been wondering just how many people use financial planners. For me personally, I have never engaged the services of one as I feel like I know more than enough about planning for my own financial future as well as about general money management.

The reason I have been thinking about it lately is because I feel as if so many of my friends and colleagues would benefit from talking to a professional. Many of these people come to me for advice, however I find that I am unable to help them as I don’t know their situation, goals or things like budget/expenses.

I also find that people aren’t really interested in what you have to say, but are far more focused on having you agree with the decisions they have already made. They simply want me to validate what they are already thinking, and if you don’t, some people can really get their back up.

So hence my original question. I want to know how many people have engaged a financial planner and if they felt that it was worth their money and their time? I know that I regularly tell people that they should consult with financial planners, but I am wondering if I am making the right call there. I suspect many of them will just provide you with generic advice that is good for everyone, without really getting involved in your particular situation in detail.

I could be wrong, but my experience with other professionals in the finance sector has not left me with a lot of confidence. Quite often I find that I know far more about a topic that the supposed experts do. I’m sure there are some diamonds in the rough though – some of those people who are genuinely in it to help others rather than just to make a salary and look out for themselves.



Have you used a financial planner before? What was your experience with them?