My wife and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary, and as part of the celebration my wife had the idea that we could head to the drive in (something we hadn’t done since before we had our son).


We both really enjoy watching movies, however, the cost of actually going to the cinema is so expensive that we don’t really go at all anymore. That’s why we thought the drive-in would be a good idea. Kids under 6 are free and Adults get to watch movies for only $9 each (about half the price of the theaters).

We weren’t sure if taking our son was going to be a good idea or not as the thing about drive-ins is that you need to go at night time, and the first movie started after our sons bed time. It turns out though that not only did he stay awake throughout the entire movie (we saw Spongebob), but he had a really good time.

Overall we probably ended up spending about the same amount of money as we would have if we went to the cinema though, as we pigged out on sweets (something we normally don’t do), but it was a special occasion so we felt like we were allowed to let our hair down a little. If we were going to go again, I think we would take some food with us to avoid paying the sky high food prices.

The other cost that I didn’t really factor in was the cost of driving. The drive-in is about an hours drive from our house, so we had 2 hours of driving in total, however, considering how cheap fuel is at the moment, it probably wasn’t more than $5.