A couple of weekends ago my wife and I agreed that we needed to have a family outing where we got to leave the house and not talk shop for a couple of hours. It just seems like lately all we seem to be doing is either running around after our little boy, or working on our many online businesses while he is asleep. That kind of environment can start to ware a bit thin before too long, and while I believe we are handling it quite well, it just isn’t conducive to a healthy relationship.

So we decided that we should take a break from it all and head out for a family picnic. Now traditionally when we would go out for a picnic we would buy lunch, however seeing as we are trying really hard to get back into good saving habits, my wife ended up making sandwiches for us all and we took a short 15 minute drive down to a park by the sea.

We had a terrific time. We ate, my son played in the playground and we all went for a short walk to see what the area had to offer.

Overall we were out for nearly 2 hours and it didn’t cost us a cent other than the petrol we used in the car and some ingredients we already had available in the house.

Now you might be wondering why I am sharing this story with you. And the reason why is because I just wanted to illustrate that it is possible to have a really good time without spending a lot of money. We enjoyed each others company, got to talk about random topics and my son got to enjoy the pleasures of being pushed on a swing as well as having his first real walk around the sea side where he was using his own leg power rather than having someone carry him or push him around in a stroller.



So now I want to know – what do you do to have fun on the cheap?