My wife and I went to the new Carseldine Markets on the weekend based on a recommendation from my boss at work. He said that it was bigger than he would have expected, and that they had a good range of different types of stalls to visit.

So when we went we did so with high expectations, to be honest, we weren’t disappointed. Not only am I someone who doesn’t normally enjoy markets, but I also hate large crowds. These markets had both, but I didn’t mind at all. The environment was friendly, the lunch time food smelt amazing, the produce was fresh, the prices were more than reasonable, and the best part of all – Dogs are welcome!

Dogs Welcome

Probably the biggest downside to the markets being so close to us is that there are plenty of stalls with shiny trinkets and clothes, which is where my wife always seems to be drawn to. So there is a greater temptation to spend more money than we otherwise might/should.

Anyway, enough about the Carseldine markets, the main reason for this post is to talk about how my wife and I want to start buying more of our fruit and vegetables locally, rather than through the supermarkets.

One of the main reasons that we haven’t done so to date, is because there really hasn’t been all that many quality markets close to where we live. It doesn’t make sense to drive miles out of the way to go and buy fresh fruit and vegetables, when you can get them from your local supermarket.

However, now that the markets have opened so close to where we live, it means that we can now do the bulk of our shopping there, instead of at the local shops. This allows us to not only support the local farmers and small business owners, but it also means that we can purchase super fresh produce, and it really was very fresh looking.

It’s not just fruit and vegetables that we were looking at, but also things like meat, fish, bread, free range eggs, big tubs of honey and a number of different flavours of tea (my wife and I have become big tea drinkers) all at decent prices. Previously when it came to tea, we ended up shopping at a fairly expensive tea shop called T2, and so it is great that we have now found another place where we can find some more exotic flavours of tea to drink.