There are numerous ways for a trader to invest as well as trade the equity markets. The markets are made up of financial vehicles such as equities, ETFs and 401K. Trading equities has never been easier with the rise of online trading and investing. Today, traders and investors have the option and ability to trade the equity markets anywhere.   Considering the equity markets have become more centralized traders can utilize their equity trading strategies not only in their country of origin but also in overseas markets as well.


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have created numerous opportunities and opened doors for those traders and investors who are searching to capitalize in markets that they were unable to do so in the past. Not only have equity ETFs exploded in the past several years but forex ETFs have thrived as well.

When a forex trader utilizes an ETF they are attempting to mimic the movements of currencies on the forex markets against the United States Dollar (USD) or a basket of currencies. A strong example of how a forex ETF is as follows. When a forex trader believes that the euro will rise against the USD for example, they will purchase that currency ETF. On the flip side, if a trader thinks that the euro will drop against the USD they will short sell the euro. Trading in the ETF market is a quick way to cash in on not only the forex movements but also equity movements within the United States and around the globe.

In Today’s markets, it is easier than ever to trade and invest in the stock market. Traders can utilize equity online trading strategies directly though their on-line trading accounts. Within the last ten years on-line investing has made equity trading as easy as ever. There are presently numerous online brokers along with mutual fund companies which allow you to invest and trade securities from the comfort of your home. The larger companies presently on the street offering their services are Scottrade, E-Trade, Ameritrade, Fidelity, TradeKing and USAA.

With an online account an equity trader can capitalize on his/her equity trading strategies in thousands of securities, mutual funds along with ETFs. Also, equity traders will typically open accounts such as margin accounts which will allow them to leverage their dollars. In addition, the equity trader now has access to markets overseas which in years past they were shut out of.

Presently, many investors as well as traders utilize 401K programs though their employer. Trading in your 401K program is not typically considered conservative but is an option for employees.

Another Equity trading strategy that that traders like to capitalize on is utilizing ETFs for exposure to commodities. Typically, investors/traders like exposure to gold but do not want to invest in gold directly. When leveraging an ETF like GLD the investor/trader will have direct exposure to gold and gold mining throughout the world.

In closing, there are numerous strategies that traders can utilize to increase their earnings within the equity markets. Many investors like to leverage off of financial vehicles such as equities, ETFs and 401Ks to increase their wealth. The astute trader should keep a close eye on capital markets throughout the world to have a sense on when and where to invest their capital. In addition, the equity trader should research the best on-line brokers that are presently offering their services for on-line trading. Not all brokers are alike and the trader should feel comfortable that they are getting the most out of their broker. The trader should be certain that their broker offers not only the best trading platform but the best customer service.