Last weekend my wife and I were sick AGAIN, and we ended up spending most of the weekend in front of the TV. One of the shows that captured my attention was a show called Extreme Cheapskates. The episode that I watched followed a guy named Jeff Yeager and in this episode he took us through some of the things that he does to live life on the cheap.

I found the show fairly interesting because I felt as if Jeff (while being slightly eccentric) had his life priorities in order. Jeff managed to retire at the ago of 40 and had been living a really cheap life ever since. Jeff was sick of working his day job and realised that if he cut back on his expenses that he would be able to live life away from work.

I really like his attitude, although I feel as if he would have been better off working for a few more years so that he didn’t have to be as extreme in his cost minimisation efforts as he has become. In the show they show how Jeff goes shopping and how he doesn’t like to spend more than a $1 per pound of meat that he is eating. He ends up purchasing some salmon carcasses, which look terrible, and cooking up a storm for a few family friends. The kids of the friends look like they are going to be sick when they see what he is cooking and I think one of them ends up leaving the table when he digs into a salmon eye.

Obviously this guy is extremely cheap and sometimes you are going to want to spend a little bit more money so that you can really enjoy and experience life, however I thought this show depicted a great story of a guy who decided that he wanted out of the rat race and how he went about achieving it.

I now notice that Jeff has a heap of videos on YouTube showing people how to save money on all sorts of things, so if you are interested please check it out.



Do you have any extreme cheapskate habits?