Recently my wife’s parents sold their family home and they have a couple of weeks to pack their things and move out. At the moment they don’t have another house to move into, but they are planning on living in their camper van and enjoying life until their new house is finished being built.

I’m really happy for my inlaws as this is something that they have wanted for a very long time. Unfortunately the sale means that my wife’s brother now needs to find somewhere to live. He is in a bit of a bind as he has been separated from his wife and was without work for an extended period of time. This meant that he was forced to move back in with his parents until he was able to get back onto his feet.

Things have picked up for him now, and he has a job – although I don’t think he is quite ready to move out again as he needs to get some savings behind him to help support his 3 children. So he is now left in a very unfortunate situation where he has to find a new place to live in the next month or two that will fit him and his 3 kids. This is going to be quite a challenge as his current role doesn’t pay terribly well and so he is relying on a government rental assistance program to make up the difference between what is required and what he can afford.

Now whenever it comes to the government, things can take time. I expect that there will likely be a gap between when he gets the assistance, and when he needs to move out of his parents house. He really doesn’t have a lot of options, so I suggested to my wife that she might like to talk to him and offer him a room at our house until everything gets sorted. Obviously we wouldn’t want this to be a long term arrangement, but we also don’t want him to be getting stressed out about having a place to live when we have a free bedroom that he could utilise.


Have you ever had family stay with you or have you experienced a similar situation?