Sometimes it feel like you have looked into almost every way possible to save money. It can get to a point where you think that this must be the end and there are just no more ways to save money. I thought I was in this boat not long ago. I had scrimped and saved on almost every aspect of my life. All of my money was accounted for, and I was making record progress on paying off the mortgage.

Recently I found that a few little luxuries had started to creep back into the budget. Things like pay TV which I purchased so that I can watch the football on the weekends and Game Of Thrones only hours after it airs in the US. I don’t mind spending money for things that I enjoy, I mean you need to have some fun in life!

One little thing that I did notice was costing us more money than you would expect, was ice tea. My wife and I started drinking it years ago because we both didn’t want to drink soft drink, and we wanted a change from just drinking water to go with our dinner. What I hadn’t realised was just how much this little luxury was costing us. I was going through a couple of our weekly grocery bills and noticed that ice tea made up around 8-10% of our total grocery bill. I couldn’t believe it!


We only purchased 3 bottles a week, but it was adding up to quite a lot of money. I still wanted a change from just drinking water, and so I decided to try out some lemon cordial to see how that would go. It turns out that I really enjoy the flavour just as much as the ice tea, and 1 bottle of cordial is pretty much the same cost as 1 bottle of ice tea. The main difference is that a single bottle of cordial lasts almost a whole month, whereas a single bottle of ice tea was lasting about 2-3 days.

Another cost saving exercise that we tried out over the summer was to forgo the traditional ice blocks in the freezer and replaced them with home made raspberry cordial ones. The cost savings on this was also well worth our time with a single bottle of cordial lasting us at least half of the summer.



Have you found something that you are happy to substitute in order to save money?