If you are anything like me then you hate driving to and from work. It seems that every morning there is more and more traffic, and less and less courtesy on the roads. I don’t even have it that bad when compared to many others… I spend on average between 30 – 60 minutes stuck in the car.


I found that I used to run very short on patience on the daily commute, particularly when traffic was at its worst. Not only was I spending about an hour a day in the car, but I was not able to do anything productive as I had to concentrate on driving.

Many of you will be aware that I hate wasting my time. You only get 24 hours in the day and if you sleep the recommended 8 hours a day and go to work for another 8 hours, then you only have 8 hours left. In my opinion spending 1/8 of that time in the car isn’t a good use of this remaining time. All I get to do is sit in the car listening to the incessant chatter of the radio presenters and then blocks of ads which I am not interested in. I could listen to a music CD, but I am not really big into music any more so that doesn’t really appeal all that much to me.

In an effort to make better use of my time, I have started listening to audio books while driving to and from work (Currently I am listening to A Song of Fire and Ice). It means that I now have time to read/listen to the books that I want to read, but never find the time to do so. It also has another unexpected benefit of calming me down on the road. For instance, when I am stuck in traffic I no longer get as angry that traffic isn’t moving because I am getting involved in the story.



Do you have any tips for regaining your time that you are willing to share?