I’ve got a question for you – What are you doing to help you achieve financial independence? Have you set yourself some goals? Do you work towards it everyday, every week, or every month?


I asked someone I work with what they are doing when it comes to their own financial independence, and they told me that they aren’t working towards it at all. Not only is that disappointing for me to hear, but I personally think this person is delusional. If they aren’t working towards their own financial independence (even if it’s only a standard retirement), then why are they coming to work everyday? Why not just get government handouts and live that way.

The real answer was that he didn’t know how to achieve financial independence and so he wasn’t actively pursuing it, just hoping by the time he reached 65 he would have enough money to do the things he wants to do in life.

For me, I’m doing a multitude of things. Many of these things have yielded no results, others are going OK, some are going well, and some others are just starting out or are ideas in the back of my head waiting for the right time to execute them.

Every single thing I have done has taught me something though. I now know so many more things about the business world than I ever did before, and it is only a matter of time before I have enough irons in the fire to be able to quit my day job and do more of the things I actually enjoy doing – like writing here on this blog.

So back to the original point of this post – what are you doing? What more can you be doing and what is holding you back. Can you start to prioritize certain tasks so that you can focus on things that are going to provide you the biggest bang for your buck?

I follow quite a few successful people online, and almost none of them have any extra special ability that the rest of us don’t have. The difference is that they are able to self motivate themselves and manage their time effectively so that they can work on what’s important to them. When I think of Bill Gates building his empire, I don’t picture him sitting down watching the football on the weekend. I see him using every spare minute of his time building what’s important to him.

I’m not saying there is no room for fun in your life either, just that you need to be able to spend some time working of projects or tasks to further your goals in life. Very few people have a goal of working every Monday to Friday, yet that’s exactly what most people spend the majority of their lives on. That doesn’t seem right to me, and I suspect if you have made it this far though my post then it doesn’t sit well with you either. The question is – what are you doing about it?