Having a great work life balance is something that is very important to me, particularly since my wife and I had our son. The idea of spending more time at work than I need to isn’t something that appeals to me, however, with my wife off work it is unfortunately a necessary evil.

Currently one of the main things that I do to have a good work life balance is to take Rostered Days Off every fortnight. It works well for my family and I, as we get to spend a lot more time together. Unfortunately this takes a financial toll and so I have had to explore opportunities for making additional income.



Making Money on the Side

Making money on the side is a great way to minimise the amount of time you need to spend at your main job, in fact, the right type of side income project can be almost entirely passive and have a great return on investment.

Some of the most common types of income opportunities that people get into are things like shares, residential or commercial property investments, which can be great money spinners if you select your investments wisely.


Other Non Financial Work Life Balance Ideas

Sometimes you don’t need to make more money to give you a better work life balance, and sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best to implement. One of the main things that I do to save time is to drive to work early in the morning. This helps me beat the traffic both on the way to, and from work. In total this can help me to gain an extra 30-45 minutes a day, with the only sacrifice that I am making being that I have to go to bed a little bit earlier.

Another option that you may want to look into is using public transport. This will allow you to spend time reading or some other activity on your phone or tablet which you would be unable to perform should you be driving.

Making better use of your work lunch break is a great way to get more out of your day. My boss at work often uses his lunch break to go to the work gym, which not only keeps him healthy, but means he doesn’t have to go to the gym or exercise when he gets home.


What do you do to help achieve a better work life balance?