Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always get ahead in almost everything that do? I think everyone knows someone like that, and I for one aspire to be one of those types of people.

What i’ve discovered is that the more of these type of people I associate with, the more their go get them attitude rubs off on me and before too long i’m rubbing off on other people with the same type of positive attitude.

I never knew just how important it was to have a good support network of people who believe in the same things that you believe in, and who will also constantly challenge you to raise the bar and life yourself to the next level.

That’s exactly why last weekend I decided to meet up with a group of FBA sellers who are just like me. It was really interesting to hear how everyone is going and what their motivations are. I was also really impressed when only a minute into the conversation one of the guys there started talking about his goals.

There is nothing more motivating to me than when people around me set goals for themselves and share those goals with others. I particularly like it when the goals are challenging and they mean something to the person. I know i’ve spoken about goals plenty of times before, but I can’t emphasis enough just how important it is to share those goals with others to help to keep you accountable.

The other thing that’s been really good for me is having someone really close who you can trust 100% and who you can get good honest and constructive feedback from. It makes a massive difference, particularly when you’re having an off day and challenging how possible it is to actually achieve your goals.



What are you doing to make sure you get ahead?