Last weekend my Google Nexus 5 mobile phone bit the dust. One minute I was happily playing Chess with Friends with a mate, checking my email and blog comments, the next, I was trying my best to actually see things on my phone screen.


What happened was the my screen started showing weird lines down the side of the screen. At first it was only one or two, but within 5-6 hours, the whole thing was almost covered and I was unable to see almost anything. By the next day the phone was pressing buttons on its own and causing me all sorts of grief as I couldn’t do anything to stop it other than switch it off.

The phone was only 9 months old, so needless to say, I wasn’t very happy with the lifespan of the phone. As luck would have it though, I was searching the web looking for how I could get the phone repaired when I came across this article. I couldn’t believe my luck, my phone had died only days after Google had committed to doing a full replacement for phone that had a screen die.

So I immediately contacted the Google Australia number to have a chat about getting my new phone, but unfortunately the Google team in Australia don’t work weekends, so I would have to wait. While I was waiting though, I decided to do some more research about this offer and what I found was pretty disappointing. You see Google USA was the only ones offering free phones to customers, not Australia, Canada, UK or any others. There is a big thread on Reddit about all the people who tried to get a new phone after theirs had died, only to be told it was for US customers only.

I was pretty pissed off. Why is it that people in the US should get preferential treatment over us? as I was feeling a bit annoyed about the whole thing, I decided I would ring the USA number to ask them what the deal was. I ended up getting connected right away and spoke to a guy that was super helpful. He could so no reason why the Google Australia shop wouldn’t give out free replacements and said that he would simply do my replacement over the phone right there and then – for free!

I was pretty chuffed, not only that, but because I live in Australia they will send someone out to my house to collect my broken phone. This saves me on shipping costs and means that I don’t even have to go out. Talk about service 🙂

So if anyone else for Australia has this issue, just contact Google USA and get your free phone replacement. There is no reason to pay for something that is free, and is obviously suffering from some sort of design flaw.