Having lived in our new house for almost a month now, you would think that things would have settled down and that we would be getting back into our normal routine. Unfortunately we are only partially back into the swing of things, and the main reason for that is that almost every single day I find something else that is wrong with the house, which the builder should have done a better job with.


Just to give you an idea of some of the outstanding items I have on the list:

  1. Master bedroom – sliding door damaged
  2. Tile damaged in meals area
  3. Front door frame is not finished properly (gaps)
  4. Living room carpet is fraying at the edges
  5. Edging on some kitchen cabinets are damaged
  6. Oven not secured to back of the wall
  7. Plumbing in the main toilet – unable to turn tap on full and toilet button sticks
  8. Some roofing needs fixing (colourbond that needs to be folded down)
  9. Door handle in the study (where I am now) is damaged
  10. En-suite door catches when opening and closing. Is also loose when closed
  11. Security screen door has gaps at the top and bottom
  12. Holes in the wall behind the toilet
  13. Handle in the shower not fixed to the wall
  14. Bathtub very slow to drain

Unfortunately that isn’t all either – just the highlights. Our more recent problems have been regarding the building company installing the wrong air conditioning unit (we paid for an upgrade to save money in the long run), which they fixed, but I have had to chase them endlessly to get anything done.

I am still waiting on them to fix our laundry door, which lets water inside and have only just got them to fix the hole in the wall where the air-conditioning unit was replaced. Now I’m sure I will have to phone them daily to get them to come back and paint it.

It’s really been pretty stressful, and I’ve even been wondering at what point I should investigate legal action. The biggest problem I have with any type of legal action is the cost involved, however there are companies like Firths who do no win no fee type arrangements, so perhaps that’s something I can consider should they not fix things.

I don’t feel like I’m being unrealistic to expect a brand new house to feel like a brand new house and not have so many defects. It’s just not been finished properly and I am sick of always having to chase up the builder to get anything done – it’s pathetic. After out 6 month review period I will be writing a comprehensive post regarding my experience with this builder, so stay tuned.