Today I am taking part in the 2015 Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival – something that Shannon has been running for a coupe of years now, and something that I feel honored to be invited to participate in.


What we are talking about today is getting serious/real about your finances. For me I’ve had a couple of different points in my life where I seem to become reinvigorated when it comes to really knuckling down on my finances.

The first was when I had my first full time job. I was making more money than I knew what to do with and I was spending it like it was going out of fashion. After a while it dawned on me that this type of lifestyle couldn’t continue, and so I began getting serious about my finances.

It all started with a desire to get into investing, which I saw as a great platform to help pay for my goal of buying my own home. It turns out that it was a pretty good call, because not only did I manage to buy a house, but my wife and I managed to pay it off in 7 years.

Once we had all our finances under control, both my wife and I got a bit relaxed when it came to managing money. It wasn’t as important as we didn’t have a mortgage to pay any more. What I found though was that we were spending more money than we probably should have. It wasn’t like we planned to do it, but because we had more money available, our lifestyle inflated little by little and before we knew it we were living like kings.

Enter our baby boy and then we really got serious about money. I decided that we needed to start thinking about not only our own future and retirement, but the financial future of our son. He was going to be watching what we did and learning from us, and I didn’t want to teach him all the bad money spending habits that we had picked up, so we reigned in our belts and have been pretty good keeping to our budget ever since. Of course there are lapses from time to time (I’m only human), but on the whole we are pretty good and slowly working towards our goals.

When did you start to get serious about your finances? Was there a specific life event, have you always been good with money, or have you still got a lot of work to do?