OK, so I have a little story to tell you all today. Last week my wife went on a bit of a fan dusting/cleaning mission. Unfortunately one of our fans (the oldest one) didn’t want to play the game and just wouldn’t disassemble. I ended up getting a little bit forceful with it and accidentally snapped a few key components…

Anyway, as the fan was already on it’s last legs (other parts of it had already started to fail) I decided that we could probably spare the expense of buying a new one, after all, they are fairly inexpensive and with the Australian heat without air conditioning, you really do need a fan to keep you cool.


So we went to the local hardware store to buy this pedestal fan (as we had another one exactly the same that was doing a great job) and they had it advertised as a run out sale for $10. I was pretty excited as the last one we bought was $15, so I was like – SCORE!.

This particular store only offered self service checkouts, I scanned the fan and it came up as $12. I thought to myself – hang on just a cotton picking minute, I swear that fan was only $10! So I looked around at the stack of fans in the sale pile, and sure enough $10 was on the big yellow sign.

So at this point I decided that I wasn’t about to be short changed, so I picked out the closest staff member and queried them on this $2 discrepancy. Sure enough the sign was right and the scanner was wrong and I got my fan for $10.

What was interesting about the whole thing though, wasn’t the inaccuracy of the stores pricing, but that my wife found it hilarious that she knew I wouldn’t stand by and pay $12 for something marked as $10. She kept saying that as soon as she saw that it came up as $12 not $10 that I would not pay the increased amount and that I would get the advertised price.



So my question to you is this – Do you check the stores pricing is correct, and if you find a discrepancy, do you challenge it, or just pay?