A couple of weekends ago some friends of ours went for a short 20 minute bush walk and had their car broken into while they were away. Our friends (being the trusting people that they are) left some of their belongings in the car as they knew they were only going to be gone for 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately, during that time someone went up to the passenger door and levered it open by using a crowbar in two separate areas.


They got away with a handbag, which contained a iphone, house keys, purse with Id’s and a small amount of money (likely less than $100). In total I expect that they got away with around $200 worth of stuff. What is really annoying for our friends is that it is going to cost closer to $600-$1000 to get everything repaired and sorted out. As an example they had to change all the locks on their brand new house because the robbers had their house keys and their address, meaning that they might stop off to collect more free goods. Then the car insurance premium is at least $500 to get the door fixed and there are other costs associated with getting a new phone, new keys and additional Id’s.

So for a $200 gain, our friends have to pay between $600-$1000 getting their lives back in order. The whole thing really annoys me as it couldn’t have happened to nicer people and it would have just been easier to give these crooks a couple of hundred dollars and be on their way. The kind of amusing thing about the whole ordeal is that there was some really expensive golf clubs in the boot of the car which were left completely untouched. I was actually really taken aback as to how easily they got into the car as it is a very new model car which I thought would be fairly difficult to get into. As it turns out, that is a major fallacy.

Moral of the story – Do not leave anything of value in your car when you aren’t around and new cars are just as easy to break into as older cars.

In case you are interested – So far the criminals are yet to be found, and in all likelihood they never will be. I suspect that crime will only continue to get worse in Australia as unemployment gets higher due to the poor economic prospects of this country over the next few years.



Have you ever had something stolen? Did you get it back?