Whenever you own a car you need to look after it and keep it well maintained to avoid having unexpected problems down the track. One of the main advantages of buying a new car is that the dealer gives you a new car warranty that normally lasts between 3 to 5 years depending on the make of the car. This can come in really handy if something does happen to go wrong, as you get the issue resolved without spending a cent.

I personally had an issue with my car only a couple of weeks after buying it. What happened was that the clutch in the car was badly sticking and the car was almost unable to be driven. I contacted the dealership and they told me that my model of car did have a known issue with sticky clutches and that they would replace it with a racing clutch for free. I was pretty happy with that, but also a little annoyed that a brand new car would have an issue so soon after purchasing it.

Car Service

Anyway, these days both mine and my wife’s car are out of their new car warranty period and so part of ensuring the efficient running of our vehicles is to get them regularly serviced. Eventually though we had our warranty period expire and my wife’s car came due for a service. We thought about continuing to get my wife’s car serviced by the official Hyundai dealership, however we decided to shop around as there are so many different servicing centres that do log book services now.

What we ended up finding was that the official dealerships would often charge almost 10-15% more than the non official service centres for the exact same service. Now that’s fine when it means it keeps your warranty intact, but when you don’t have a warranty any more then I see no real reason to continue paying a premium for the service. If they offered more than the other service centres then I would be more likely to consider paying more, but as it stands I feel it’s not worth it.


What are your thoughts on getting your car serviced? Do you always go to the official dealer, or do you shop around?