Many of the people I associate with know that I am pretty conservative when it comes to managing my money. I hate wasting it, and I try to equate every single purchase I make into a percentage of my overall after tax income each year (it helps me understand how big of an expense something is).

Car Cleaning

So when I was talking to a colleague at work the other day and he told me that he gets his car professionally washed and cleaned at $50 a throw, I was a bit caught off guard. I personally couldn’t fathom spending that kind of money getting my car cleaned when I could do it myself for free in about 45 minutes.

My colleague didn’t see anything wrong with it though. He saw it as value for money because it meant that he didn’t have to do it and because they did a really good job. Then he shocked me further by telling me that he did it once per month. I sat there in the car with him and worked out that he was spending $600 a year on having his car cleaned – That’s a huge amount of after tax dollars!

Obviously it is up to him what he spends his money on, but for me it’s just not something I see as a good use of money. I would prefer to use that money to help pay down my debt rather than have a clean car. What it did show me though is that everyone has different things that they value. There is no right or wrong, just differences. It really made me appreciate my wife and how much we are on the same page when it comes to money as I would be freaking out if she wanted to spend that much money on keeping our car clean.

What’s your thoughts? Do you like a clean and tidy car? Do you pay someone to keep it clean, or would you spend your money on something else?