Did you make a new years resolution this year? Have you had some big goals that you would like to achieve, but waited until the stroke of midnight 01/01/2015 before you put them into action?

I have one question for you – Why did you wait until the new year?

In my experience, successful people don’t wait. They see something they want and they go for it immediately – and why not? Everyday you waste thinking about doing something, is a day of missed opportunity.

I’m not trying to bash people for setting goals, after all, goals are important to achieving things in life. My aim is to encourage people to really go after the things they want, and a big part of that is action, not waiting. If I wanted to lose 10Kg in 10 months, waiting until after Christmas and New Years wouldn’t help me in that goal, I would be far better off starting the minute I decided that is what I wanted to do.


Looking through my Facebook feed over the last few days, I have seen so many people stating this or that in regards to setting goals for 2015. Ultimately I know that only a handful of them will last even a couple of months, and even fewer still will actually achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I think people genuinely want to do better, they just set such terrible goals that it makes it almost impossible to succeed.

Some examples from my friends (My comments):

  • I want to read a book a week – last year I only managed 6 books throughout the entire year attempting the same goal. (Unattainable)
  • I’m going to get fit this year (Vague)
  • I will lose weight this year (Vague)
  • Time to focus and put in 100% to the year ahead. My time is now. (It’s been your time since you were born – it’s unfortunate it took you 30 odd years to realise it)

The problem with these goals is that they are almost completely destined to fail as they have no defined boundaries or are likely going to be unattainable. If these people were serious about setting goals, they would have a plan and look at something like SMART goals to aid them in successfully achieving them.


My point – if you want something badly enough, you won’t wait until the new year to go after it. You will be that driven, that you will go after it the minute you realise you want it. Then if you want an even greater chance of success, you will set yourself some well formed goals along the way.