I’m taking a break from my normal personal finance type topics today to celebrate my 1 year blogging milestone. I still remember starting out and wondering if anyone would ever visit my website, or if I was going to be talking to myself forever. I also still remember the excitement that I had when the first person commented on my blog, and the first time Google sent someone to my site and also when I got my first Facebook and Twitter followers.

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I used to be so consumed with watching my Google Analytics account and my Alexa rank to see if my site was growing, now I am lucky to check them once a month. It is interesting how my blogging priorities have changed since I first started. I have learned so much about networking and I have made some great blogger connections along the way. Many of you I will probably never get to meet, but I feel like I know you better than many of my “real life” friends.

As my blog has started to grow more organically I have been thrilled to receive emails from people telling me how much they like my site and how it has helped them to get their financial life back on track. Honestly, that is what makes blogging worthwhile. I love being able to help people with their finances, I now wonder if I wasted my time getting an IT degree and if I would have been better off studying to become a professional financial planner.

I always wondered how long I would do this whole blogging thing for and if it was a worthwhile use of my time. I now know that not only do I enjoy much of what I do, but that it is possible to earn a full time income from it as well. I haven’t made the switch from my existing job yet, although I expect that within a few years after we have paid off all our debts I might be more comfortable doing so. I really feel like I am wasting my time working in a 9 to 5 type job, and that I would be getting more out of life if I was able to spend more time making really great content to help even more people with their financial problems.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed spending the last year with me and I hope you will stick around for many more. Who knows where this blogging thing will take me? At the moment I am just enjoying the ride ๐Ÿ™‚