If you are a home owner like me then I am sure you will value your home and possessions as highly as I do. One thing that I made sure of as soon as I because a home owner, was that I had an appropriate level of home and contents insurance, to cover my property should something unexpected or untowards happen. As an example, a few years ago, there was a major flood in our region which wiped out many peoples houses and destroyed their possessions. What looked like a steady stream of rain, turned into a wide scale disaster. According to Wikipedia the flood ended up impacting  at least 70 towns, and over 200,000 people. Damage initially was estimated at around A$1 billion before it was raised to $2.38 billion.

It isn’t just floods that you have to worry about, there is also storms (which can include lightning, tornadoes, cyclones and hail), fire, theft and plenty of other ways in which your house and possessions might end up retiring early. As you can imagine, in these types of circumstances, it is important to ensure that you not only have home and contents insurance, but that you make sure that you are actually covered for all the things you think you are covered for.


Many people who assume that they are covered for a particular type of event, end up realising after the fact, that they aren’t actually covered. Normally this occurs because they didn’t read through the types of cover they purchased thoroughly enough. I find that if you aren’t sure exactly what you are covered for, it is best just to pick up the phone and give your insurer a call, that way you can confirm exactly what you are covered for.


Finding the right insurance company

Getting the right insurance from the right company is important, and these days there are so many different insurance companies that are all vying for your business that you are spoilt for choice. That means that as a customer you are in a great position where you can shop around to find the right insurer for you. In my experience, I have found that despite some of the bigger insurance companies having very aggressive marketing campaigns and competing for your business, it is actually the smaller companies like HBF that end up being the most price and feature competitive. I have also found that they are often more willing to walk you through to find the exact right type of insurance to fit your situation.



When choosing insurance do you mainly look at price, or are the inclusions/features the most important thing to you?