As many of your will be aware, my wife and I moved into a new house about 9 months ago. We decided that we would spend a bit extra to get the house we wanted, rather than making do on many of the things we did in our first house. Unfortunately not everything went to plan with the building process and we are still fighting with the builder to get certain things fixed, but one thing we did get right at the time was our outdoor area.


My wife and I were both really keen on making sure our outdoor area was top notch and somewhere where we would enjoy spending a lot of time. To make the area complete we decided to put a deck up against the side of the house. The deck served a few purposes…

  1. It extended our patio area quite a bit to allow for a much larger entertaining area.
  2. We had some benches put in which added to both seating and storage space.
  3. The back of the deck has been turned into a screen which provides some level of privacy.

All in all the deck was a success, it looks great and did exactly what we wanted it to do.

The down side didn’t really hit me until about 6 months later. The deck started to look a bit run down and was in obvious need of a new coat of oil. When putting the deck in I knew this would be the case, but it didn’t really bother me at all. Now it’s come to it’s second touch up, the maintenance is starting to bite. I need to buy more oil, another applicator and I will spend the better part of the day preparing the area and then doing the actual work.

This is something I will be doing at least twice a year for the rest of the time that we live in this house. Yes it looks great, is functional and has certainly added value to our house, but the maintenance aspect of it is already starting to grate on me.