Last week I wrote about why it’s a good thing to get an independent inspection done on your property when building. Today I am going to elaborate on why that’s important.

So last week I arranged for an expert to evaluate our house for defects. He arrived on site on Thursday morning with the intention of only being at the house for around 30-5 minutes – he was there for about 2.5 hours.

Every room we walked through he found faults, many were quite small and easy to fix, other not so much. Unfortunately he also found major faults which have the potential to cause the house to be structurally unsound.

Not being a builder, I had no idea what to look for, but as soon as he pointed things out to me, I immediately saw the problem – and that’s exactly why I hired him to do the work. He knows what to look for – I don’t. So now i’m going to be sending the report onto the builder for them to rectify what’s wrong.

House Inspection Faults

Hopefully they agree to make the changes and there are no major issues, otherwise we may have to go to mediation and then ultimately court. I’m sure neither party really wants that, but you have to be prepared for it just in case. So to that end I am ensuring that I have as much evidence as possible and that I am complying fully with the contract. You don’t want to give them a way out of having to fix everything that’s been found.


So what’s actually gone wrong?

For the most part it’s just a bit on the sloppy side, but the major issues are things like holes in structural beams, no support for support beams, walls that are leaning and not upright – none of these things should happen and there is no way it should have gotten through the certification process. So we will have to review the report that the builder did to see how they missed these things.