Video solutions are fast changing the business landscape. They’ve effectively removed the need to travel while allowing face to face interactions to take off. Interested? Here’s how different companies are taking advantage of the ton of features and handy benefits video systems offer:


Lower costs

Startups. Among all three—startups, small and midsized businesses and big businesses—all benefit from the huge cost savings that video communication brings to the table, but startups enjoy the biggest advantage. Inc says 96 percent of businesses ail within the first ten years. Given those numbers, startups are in so much pressure to stay alive and afloat. If you don’t want to join the ranks or become another statistic of businesses that crashed and burned within a year of opening, keeping costs low is a must. But growing companies need to spend capital. So how do you reconcile the two? With video solutions, startups can look forward to incredible cost savings, all while using a technology that helps them grow. They can save on travel costs alone. With video conference for business from industry staples like BlueJeans, startups can effectively reach out to clients and customers from anywhere, expand their market on a global scale and cut down on any unnecessary costs.


Growth and expansion

Small and midsize businesses benefit from video communication solutions in a big way. If your company has survived well past the 5th year mark and you want to try your hand at expanding the business, then using video communication systems can be the one thing you need to reach your target market much, much better. How? Video allows you to get in touch with customers and clients all the world over. So you don’t need to spend on plane fares or accommodations just to meet up with potential investors or reach out to customers. You can use video conferencing to launch your products or services to international markets. It’s common enough for some goods and services not be a big hit locally, only to find massive success in international markets. Video solutions can help you make that happen. Also, if you’re expanding your business, then you’re going to need extra manpower to make that work. You can streamline your hiring process by using video communication. Set up those initial meetings via online so you and potential applicants no longer have to waste time, effort and money of setting up a physical meet. You can reserve that for the final interview. Since online meetings are much easier and convenient to arrange and attend, you can move along the hiring process that much faster. Also, with face to face interviews, hiring teams have more to work with in terms of material, in addition to resumes and emails. This can expedite the decision-making process, allowing them to cull out unsuitable talents from the pile and trimming down the list that much sooner. As a result, companies can enjoy shorter hiring time frames and faster results.


Staying relevant and competitive

BMGI cites innovation as one of the top ten problems that big businesses across the United States face today. The crux of the matter seems to involve finding ways to innovate or create an innovative culture, all while maintaining control over the business. Without innovation, companies can die a slow and painful death. It’s a lesson once multi-million dollar organizations like Nokia have learned. The company’s “we didn’t do anything, but somehow we lost” speech has continually made the rounds and for good reason: it serves as a reminder that big companies can’t rest on their laurels. They have to continually innovate. And one thing that helps that is by embracing change, by employing the latest tools that work, one of which includes video conferencing. With video communication, big companies can keep their talents trained in technologies that make communication that much more convenient and possible. With a highly adept team at your side, your company can stay competitive in the field. You won’t have to worry that your business and team are becoming irrelevant. By training your staff to master video conferencing, you can make the most out of the system, in a way that would hugely benefit your business. For instance, you can improve the quality and level of customer service you provide. Have several branches and sites? You can improve the way your offsite teams collaborate. With regular video calls, you can easily build up camaraderie and team work among geographically dispersed staff, as well as allow them to feel a deeper connection with everybody else on the team and with the company. This helps you build a happier team, one that has the skills, training and talent to take your business to the next level.

So if you’re wondering what kind of advantages video solutions have to offer to your business, read through this and you’ll find yourself asking how soon you can make this a part of your organization.