One of the major benefits of moving house has been that we are now covered by the NBN. What’s the NBN I can hear my international readers asking – well, it’s a high speed broadband network called the National Broadband Network, that is being progressively rolled out across the country. Previously at our old house we were limited to ADSL1, which had maximum speeds of only 8mbps. The speed was never really that big of a problem, I mean we never really used to download all that much, and the connection was always available, so it never really felt all that bad.


Having said that, the cost of our ADSL1 connection with 50GB of data allowance was $60.95, plus we also had to pay the phone company to have a telephone line to connect to – this was about $25 a month and we almost never used the land line phone. So overall the cost for us to have internet was $86 a month for 8mbps and 50GB of data.

Now that we are on NBN I am getting 25mbps, 120GB of data (peak) and 240GB of data (off peak) for $64.95 a month. A saving of $21 a month.

The savings don’t end there either. When I phoned up the phone company to cancel our old telephone connection, the person asked if I would like to review my account for any potential savings. As my wife and I use the same company for our mobile phones, I thought it couldn’t hurt to take a look. Turns out she was able to reduce our plans by $5 a month each ($10 overall) without reducing any of our existing services. Now the savings are at $31 a month.

But wait, there’s more… We also used to pay for foxtel so that my son could watch kids programming and so that I could watch sport each week. This cost us almost $80 a month and was something I was wanting to get rid of for a while now. Enter NBN and we now have unmetered Netflix access and more than enough internet speed and data in our new plan to stream the football via the internet. Netflix is costing us $9 a month and the sport is $89 a year ($7.41 a month). That’s a saving of $63.59!

Add it all together and because we now have NBN access we are saving $94.59 a month or $1135 a year – pretty happy with that saving, especially considering we now have a new mortgage to pay.